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  • Shenzhen News Building Lighting Project

    Using bright yellow as the base color, according to the material surface, smoothness and shape of the building surface, the PCcooler floodlights are used to illuminate the front side of the building.

  • Appreciation of ShiJiaZhuang Mountain Body Lighting

    In the process of lighting the mountain, the customer selected 500 sets of TS500 projection lamps and 3000 SD2D module lights to configure the brightness, color tone and light projection direction of the lighting to brighten the mountain. Two different LED products, the wide and narrow beams cooperate to evenly illuminate every angle of the mountain.

  • Luyuan Cultural Square Lighting Project

    The lighting project adopts Pccooler SD2C series lamps are used to brighten the group deer sculpture in the center of the square. The main body of the group deer is warm.