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Product Description

IOT Solar Street Light
Internet of Things + Wireless communication technology, achieve monitoring and management of remote background data, real time understand the normal working status of each compoment.
High-Efficiency Solar Panel
20% conversion rate which is more than 30% higher compare with traditional solar panel.
LiFePO4 Battery
High temperature performance, large current discharge, lifespan cycle more than 2000 times.
High Lumen Efficiency LED Module
LumiLEDS, lumen efficiency>160lm/W
Wide Bat-wings Light Distribution
Improve the illumination uniformity
Smart Control System
Motion detection allows for a unique possibility to set lighting schedules based on your specific preferences at different times during the night

Product Parameters

Product Images Model Solar Panel Power(W) LiFePO4 Battery(Wh) Lux(lm) Working time by full power(H) Working time by Smart Model(H) Installation Distance(m) Download
SL03-0040 40 112 1800 >10.5 >33 18-20
SL03-0050 50 160 2700 >10.5 >33 22-25
SL03-0060 60 224 3600 >10.5 >33 22-25
SL03-0090 90 320 5400 >10.5 >33 25-30

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