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Product Description

Professional sports, entertainment, and multipurpose venues are unique environments. When lights turn on everyone wants to win-players, performers, visitors and commerical parterners.
Professional Light distribution
Narrow/Middle/Wide beam angle for options, accommodate your changing needs.
Commerial Grade
The LED sports court light is shatter resistant and anti-corrosion protected with an IP67 rating for weather conditions. The perfect light for outdoor areas.
Installation Way
The bracket with adjustable installation angle, multiple holes for installation optional.

Product Parameters

Product Images Model Power(W) Input Voltage(V) Power Factor CRI Beam Angle CCT(K) Download
SD2-3 180 AC90-305 >0.95 Ra>70 Narrow/Middle/Wide 5700
SD2-4 240 AC90-305 >0.95 Ra>70 Narrow/Middle/Wide 5700
SD2-5 300 AC90-305 >0.95 Ra>70 Narrow/Middle/Wide 5700

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