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Product Description

HD Sports Broadcasting Lighting
Perfect lighting keeps everyone on the edges of their seats when a sports match reaches its stunning.
500-1500W for Options
High-power, can help increase lumen output to a more reasonable level. CE Certified products ensure better quality, safety and reliability. Whether it's lighting a stadium with broadcast-ready lighting or providing safe and neighbor-friendly lighting for intramural fields.
High Performance for Events
The SPL02 serise LED luminaires create a wonderful lighting experience for your fans and players with CRI>90, 5700K and flicker-free. These unique lights offer unparalleled capabilities for thrilling, custom effects that make the excitement of the lighting scenes.
Professional Light Distribution
Narrow/Middle/Wide beam angle for options, accommodate your changing needs.
Cool Surface Temperature
Constructed with aluminum materials, this stadium light has a great heat dissipation system. Elegant, functional and sturdy design
High Degree of Protection
Protection rating of 66, meaning dust tight and protected against water immersion. The durable composition of this outdoor led fixture along with the IP66 rating ensures your fixture won't give in to the elements.
3D Rotating Bracket
Three-dimensional rotary stent design, horizontal, vertical adjustable, with a clear scale table, angle adjustable as demands.
Offer Traditional Mounting Option
Fixed with the tiltable mounting bracket

Product Parameters

Product Images Model Power(W) Input Voltage(V) Power Factor CRI Beam Angle CCT(K) Download
SPL02-0600 500 AC 100-277 >0.9 Ra>90 Narrow/Middle/Wide 5700
SPL02-1600 1600 AC 100-277 >0.9 Ra>90 Narrow/Middle/Wide 5700

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