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Product Parameters

Product Images Model Power(W) Input Voltage(V) CCT(K) Power Factor Lux(lm) CRI Download
TG-QMX-0030-E01 30 AC100-240 3000/4000/6500 ≥0.9 2500±10% Ra>80
TG-QMX-0050-E01 50 AC100-240 3000/4000/5700/6500 ≥0.9 4200±10% Ra>80
TG-QMX-0100-E01 100 AC100-240 3000/4000/5700/6500 ≥0.9 9000±10% Ra>80
TG-QMX-0150-E01 150 AC100-240 3000/4000/5700/6500 ≥0.9 14000±10% Ra>80
TG-QMX-0200-E01 200 AC100-240 3000/4000/5700/6500 ≥0.9 18000±10% Ra>80

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