Hulk E Series LED Solar Street Light

  • High uniform illumination, Expressway professional light distribution
  • High-conversion solar panel without fear of rain and charge with little light
  • Intelligent light perception control, 10-meter remote microwave perception
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery, Cyclic energy storage lasting life
  • The angle of the light source module and the rotating lamp arm is flexible and adjustable
  • IP65 protection level, Easily cope with thunderstorm weather
  • Integrated light weight design, Convenient and safe
Suitable for park, road, expressway, community.

Product Parameters

Product Image Model Solar Panel LiFePO4 Battery Lumen Beam Angle Pole Size Induction Distance Download
CP-SL01-0035-E01 35W monocrystalline silicon 192WH 5000Lm±10% 120*75° 60-70mm 6-10m
CP-SL01-0055-E01 55W monocrystalline silicon 345WH 8500Lm±10% 120*75° 60-70mm 6-10m
CP-SL01-0080-E01 80W monocrystalline silicon 460WH 12000Lm±10% 120*75° 60-70mm 6-10m
CP-SL01-0125-E01 125W monocrystalline silicon 768WH 18000Lm±10% 120*75° 60-70mm 6-10m



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