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LED Sports Lights

LED sports and stadium lighting systems are remarkably efficient, delivering a high output of lumens while using minimal energy. Skillfully engineered LED sports lights ensure even and pleasing illumination while reducing glare and light spillage.

Best LED Sports Light Manufacturer & Factory & Supplier In China

CPS lighting as the best commercial, industrial outdoor LED light manufacturer, factory, supplier, and exporter in China since 2005, The factory is ISO9001, ISO14001 certified.

We have rich experience in manufacturing indoor & outdoor lamps with the following advantages and services:

Why Choose Us As Your LED Light Suppler?

Public Company

Listed on GEM in May 2017, stock code 300647.


Available to do OEM/ODM/SKD for all LED lighting. 

Premier Quality

Possesses a comprehensive quality control system, ensuring excellent product quality.

500+ Patents

Committed to independent R&D of core technologies, securing over 500 authorized patents.

Champion Factory

Shenzhen’s Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprises, Over a Decade of Brand Accumulation.

Certification Show

As the top manufacturer of LED flood lights in China, our LED flood lamps have complete certification and test reporting, such as ENEC, CE, CB, IECEE, SAA, ROHS, UL, IEC62471, LM80, LM79, and so on






EN/IEC 60598-1 and 60598-2-5


IEC 62471


EN/IEC 60529


EN/IEC 62262


EN/IEC 60068-2-75


EN/IEC 55015

EN/IEC 61000-3-2

EN 61547

EN 61000-3-3




ISO9007 /ASTM B117



EN/IEC 62031



IEC 62384,IEC 61347-1,IEC 61347-2-13


EN/IEC 61643-11




R&D Team Show

Product Testing

Production Process

The Things You Might Want to Know About LED Sports Lights

Table of FAQs

LED sports lights enable athletes and fans to engage in and watch sports activities after dark. They are used in various settings such as stadiums, sports fields, arenas, and pitches. These lights are also designed specifically for different sports, including tennis, hockey, swimming, badminton, basketball, and football (soccer), among others. Sports lighting is crucial not only for the safety of players and spectators but also for enhancing performance. Therefore, selecting the appropriate LED sports lights is essential.

As a manufacturer of LED sports lighting, CPS offers top-quality and energy-efficient options for both recreational and professional sports events. Our powerful LED sports lights improve visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing the enjoyment of spectators by allowing them to clearly follow the events. Our lights also boast high CRI and TLCI values, ensuring accurate color rendition for high-definition broadcasting and enhancing sports telecasts. Additionally, our products are durable and long-lasting, having undergone rigorous testing, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports events. For energy conservation, advanced control options such as 0-10V, DALI 2, RDM/DMX control, and Photocell are available.

At CPS, we recognize that our responsibility as an LED lighting manufacturer extends beyond just supplying high-quality lighting solutions for sports events. We are aware of the potential adverse effects of excessive lighting on the environment and wildlife, and we address this concern seriously. Our LED sports lights are specifically engineered to minimize light pollution by directing light precisely where it is needed and reducing light spill and glare.

Choosing CPS LED sports lights means you are opting for a responsible and sustainable lighting solution.

What are LED Sport Lights?

LED sports lights are generally very powerful and are mounted at high altitudes with narrow beam angles. This setup, combining elevated mounting positions with tighter beam angles, achieves higher light intensity, ensuring that the light effectively reaches the ground. The purpose of LED sports lights is to enhance visibility for players and spectators. Effective LED sports lights provide low glare, adequate, and even lighting. For certain sports events that are televised, LED sports lights must have high CRI and TLCI ratings. Additionally, to prevent light trespass or pollution to adjacent areas, LED sports lights are designed to control backlight, spill light, and up-light effectively.

The Benefits of switching sport lights to LED

Switching to LED sports lighting offers several benefits over traditional lighting solutions, including energy efficiency, longevity, and cost savings. Here are the primary advantages

Cost Savings

LED sports lights are highly energy-efficient, consuming up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting technologies. This significant reduction in energy usage translates into substantial cost savings. Additionally, LED lights have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance, which further decreases ongoing costs.

Improved Lighting Performance

LED sports lights deliver superior lighting quality, offering uniform light distribution and a wide selection of color temperatures. Perfect for large sports venues, these lights provide consistent illumination across the field. This uniform lighting improves the lighting experience, and the different color temperatures can replicate natural daylight, creating a more comfortable environment for both players and spectators.

Enhanced Player Performance

Quality LED sports lights enable players to see clearly, helping them accurately judge the trajectory of balls and the playing environment. With uniform and comfortable lighting, players can focus better on the game and respond more effectively, thereby improving their performance.

Low or No Maintenance

For those weary of yearly metal halide lamp replacements, LED lights with quality drivers (often with a 5-year guarantee) require little beyond occasional cleaning for many years. The LED modules are designed as a system with minimal maintenance needs. This translates into genuine savings for those accustomed to hiring cherry-pickers or scissor lifts for maintenance tasks.

Instant On

Ever had the power cut during a game (when using metal halides) and had to wait 10 or 15 minutes for them to come on again? This can be frustrating to say the least and is another issue that is totally removed with LED. The modules start instantly and even when soft-starting, will be up to full power within 5 seconds.

How to choose the best LED sport lights?

Choosing the best LED sports lights involves considering several factors to ensure the lighting perfectly suits your sports venue, whether it is an outdoor or indoor facility. For optimal results, you may consult our lighting experts, who can provide tailored lighting solutions for your projects.

Proper Illumination

Appropriate illumination enhances the experience for audiences and players alike, allowing clear visibility of the gameplay, which in turn helps players make more precise judgments and improves the fairness and impartiality of the game. Different illumination levels are required for practice sessions and competitive matches, with professional competitions often demanding higher lighting standards.

Impact Resistance

Ensuring that the lights can withstand impacts from balls and other objects is crucial for safety and continuous operation. When selecting lighting fixtures for sports venues, consider the IK code, which indicates the level of protection an enclosure provides against external mechanical impacts. A higher IK rating suggests better impact resistance.

Minimum Light Pollution

Since many outdoor sports facilities are located near residential areas, it is important to choose LED sports lights that effectively control lighting angles and coverage to minimize disturbances caused by excessive brightness, which can be harmful to people’s eyes.

High CRI

A high Color Rendering Index (CRI) is vital as it reflects the true colors of objects. Lights with high CRI are essential in sports venues to enhance the accuracy of players in judging the trajectory of the ball, their location, and the surrounding environment, and to provide clearer visibility for the audience.

Any sports lighting solutions suitable for HDTV live broadcasting?

Here is an example of our solution for HDTV broadcasting: TLCL + CRI 90 + flicker-free.

TLCI stands for Television Lighting Consistency Index, a measurement specifically developed for TV broadcasting. We are familiar with the Color Rendering Index (CRI). Both TLCI and Ra are indicators used to evaluate the accurate color representation of objects. The higher the TLCI and CRI values, the superior the light quality and the truer the color reproduction.

CPS sport lighting solution for HDTV broadcasting:

  • By selecting the appropriate LED chips for the right sports lighting, achieving a TLCI≥90 is straightforward.
  • Ensure that the solution includes a driver with a Ripple factor of less than 2% to avoid any concerns about flicker.

Do you offer a lighting solution to achieve Minimum ULR?

Yes, we do. CPS provides tailored sports lighting solutions to suit the requirements of various projects.

Consider LED sport lights for football as an instance. A typical European amateur football field measures about 106x70m – open-sided, illuminated by 4 or 6 poles ranging from 16 to 18m in height, each positioned 3m from the boundary. The specified lighting level necessary is 120 lux over the product’s lifespan, which corresponds to an initial need of >150 lux and a uniformity distribution of >0.5 Emin/Eave across a measuring grid of 21×13; plus >(Eave x0.75) in front of the goals. We have developed the LED sports light SPL02, distinguished by its unique structural and optical design, allowing it to achieve a maximum offset asymmetrical beam of 65°, while also maintaining 1000W with minimal ULR.

For more information about the SPL02 LED sport light or to discuss a customized lighting solution, please feel free to contact us.

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