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Wuhan University of Technology Military Games stadium lighting case 3

At PCcooler, our professional teams work with some of renowned architects to light up sports venues and stadiums around the word. But what's most omportant to us is that we work with you and for you, giving you advice and recommendations, making sure our lighting solutions are the best match for your needs.

Service Process


Preliminary discussion with the owner and/or involved consultants. Cooperating and collecting all information and data of sports venues.


The work includes: formulating plan, investigating and researching, collecting data, programming and optimization, project evaluation, gathering opinions with the entrusting unit, and forming a formal "report".


PCcooler optimizes and improves the original plan based on the actual situation of the construction site. This stage mainly involves: illumination simulation, light selection, control system, electrical design, investment estimation, economic benefits, etc.


After the construction drawings, the technicians will go to the construction site to conduct "design and delivery", providing support. So that the project can be finished as planed.


Our lighting technology management engineers will collaborate with designers and system engineers to guide and install lighting fixtures. high-precision infrared sights can precisely adjust the light target to ensure installation easier.


Includes: illuminance measurement, achieve the expected effect, meet the requirements of various lighting indicators, reduce operation cost, eytc. Ensure system working stably. In addition, for the broadcast-level venue lighting project, we will provide on-site support services.


Our team will conduct regular visit to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales technical support every year. Regular checklists as follow: illuminance, lamp damage, light fade, color temperature changing, and operational management recommendations.


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