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The Art of Corrosion Resistance In LED Lights

The Art of Corrosion Resistance In LED Lights

When applying the LED lights in coastal areas, chemical industrial zones, or other environments with high humidity and salt content, corrosion becomes a significant challenge that can’t be ignored. This article will provide you with a scientific explanation of how CPS Lighting address the corrosion issues faced by LED lighting, ensuring that your illumination devices remain in optimal condition in various settings and why the outdoor LED lighting need the corrosion resistance.

H500 of LED Lights at a seaside terminal port

H500 at a seaside terminal port

Understanding Corrosion: The Invisible Killer of LED Lights

Corrosion, especially that caused by salt fog, is a primary concern for LED lighting in coastal regions. Chloride ions in salt fog can penetrate the protective layers on the surface of the lighting fixtures, initiating electrochemical reactions with the internal components, leading to oxidation, short circuits, and even complete failure. This corrosion not only affects the appearance of the lights but more importantly, it shortens their lifespan and reduces lighting effectiveness. All of CPS’ products had been experienced serious trials before launch, we are able to provide 2/3/5 years warranty or base on our clients’ requirement to offer a warranty in various harsh circumstance.

A CPS' s mechine for salt spray test

A CPS’ s machine for salt spray test

Corrosion Resistance Design: Starting from the Source

To effectively prevent corrosion of LED lighting, it is essential to consider it from the design phase. The design should prioritize materials and components with high protection ratings, such as IP68-rated waterproof and dust-proof designs, which can effectively block the intrusion of salt fog and moisture. In terms of material selection, it is crucial to prioritize materials with strong corrosion resistance. For example, stainless steel (316 stainless steel) and aluminum alloys not only offer high strength but also possess good corrosion resistance. Surface treatment is another important method; advanced techniques like fluorocarbon painting (Dacromet surface treatment) can create a robust protective film that effectively isolates corrosive substances from the outside world.

CPS's classical product - H series - Model H500

CPS’s classical product – H series – Model H500

H series LED Heatsink (LED housing) are selected high quality materials and have a advantage design to achieve a excellence performance in heat dissipation and meet IP65 at least. CPS are often entrusted to produce LED lights which are used in harsh circumstance as the target, such as a steel workshop, a seaside port etc. Nowadays, CPS has rich experience in outdoor lighting over decade, which have won a lot of clients’ approval all over the world.

Regular Maintenance: Extending Service Life

Even with anti-corrosion design and materials, regular maintenance and inspection are indispensable. This includes cleaning the surface deposits of the lighting fixtures, checking the integrity of sealing parts, tightening connections, and more. Through these maintenance tasks, potential corrosion issues can be identified and resolved promptly, thereby extending the service life of the lighting fixtures. Unless the LED lights were installed at a very high pole, it is better to maintain each LED lights regularly.

corrosion resistance of led lights

After being installed on a very high pole for over 5 years, some corrosion can now be seen.

The Conclusion for Corrosion Resistance

The issue of LED lighting corrosion is not insurmountable. By employing reasonable design, high-quality materials, advanced sealing technology, and regular maintenance, we can effectively protect lighting fixtures from the erosion of harsh environments. Choosing the right anti-corrosion strategies not only ensures the long-term stable operation of illumination devices but also saves the costs of replacement and repair, achieving a true win-win of economy and efficiency.

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