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How to Choose the Solar Street Light?

How to Choose the Solar Street Light?

In order to choose the solar street light, based on the overall physical structure, we can categorize them into integrated lights (one-piece) and split lights (two-piece). So we have a question: which type is better? How do we choose the better one?


All-in-Two Solar Street Light

The battery, controller and light source of the luminaire are integrated to form a unified unit. Additionally, the solar panel is separated, creating a two-piece system. Of course, the all-in-two approach is designed around lithium batteries, leveraging their advantages of small size and lightweight to achieve efficiency.

Sunflower all in one LED Solar Street Lights with LIPO4 battery 112WH 160WH 224WH 320WH

The Advantages of All-in-Two LED Solar Street Light:

  • Fast Charging: The split design will  have a larger solar panel area allows for quick charging. Normally the street light can be fully charged in 2 to 3 hours of sunlight.
  • Cost-effectiveness: In a comparable configuration, two-piece lights have lower material costs as they eliminate the need for an additional battery casing. Furthermore, installation costs are reduced since customers don’t need to install a separate battery.

All-in-One Solar Street Light

Fully integrate the battery, controller, light source, and solar panel into the fixture. This comprehensive design indeed brings convenience for transportation and installation.


The Advantages of All-in-One Solar Street Light:

  • Easy Installation, No Wiring Required: Integrated lights come with pre-connected wires, eliminating the need for customers to handle wiring. This provides a significant convenience for customers. Models like SL-CLX-0020, SL-CLX-0040 and SL-CLX-0060  have achieved this feature.
  • Convenient Transportation, Reduced Shipping Costs: All components are centralized in one unit, packed in a single box. This reduces the overall volume of transportation, resulting in cost savings on shipping.
  • Intelligent Human Body Sensing Function: Sunflower series of solar street light feature a human body sensing function. This allows the light to maximize effective illumination time and energy saving, minimizing maintenance costs.
  • Powerful Sensing Capability: Our sensors can be adjusted with a remote control at a height of 4 meters, greatly saving on labor costs.

If you are not sure which solar lighting fixtures are suitable for your needs, please get in touch with us, and we’ll provide the best assistance.


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