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Create a Quiet Garden with types of LED

Create a Quiet Garden with types of LED

Do you have a courtyard? Whether you have a large yard or a small yard, they deserve a good light, a properly designed garden lighting scheme can not only enhance the safety at night, but also create a peaceful atmosphere, so that your yard at night glow with a different charm.

Create a quiet garden with types of LED, these are the types of LED fixtures that can be placed in your garden, we would like to show you on down below:



Floodlights produce light that is highly diffuse and directionless, rather than a well-defined beam. The author only introduces the role of high-power floodlights here, because small power, such as 10/30/50W, usually we do not use them at outside for courtyard lighting, or we will choose other types of lamps to illuminate. In the courtyard, we usually use the floodlights to illuminate the exterior of our entire house, or to illuminate a large space so that you can easily sponsor a party at night with friends.

Floodlight illuminates the outside of house

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2.Wall Lamps

Wall lamps can be installed on the walls or fences of the courtyard to provide indirect lighting for the courtyard. They usually emit a warm glow, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The installation position of the wall lamp can be flexibly adjusted according to the layout of the courtyard.

Wall Lamp

Application of Wall Lamp

3.Underground Lights

Floor lamps are a common choice for yard lighting, they are usually installed on the ground and emit soft light that both provides guidance and adds to the beauty of the yard. Floor lights come in a variety of styles, including LED floor lights, solar floor lights, etc., which consume low energy and are easy to install.

Underground light or Floor light

Application of Underground lights

4.Hanging Lights

Chandeliers or hanging lights are suitable for hanging from trees or specially designed supports, they provide concentrated lighting and are also a decorative element. When choosing a chandelier, you should consider whether its style is coordinated with the overall design of the courtyard.

Handing Lights

Handing Lights

Handing lamp

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5.Street Lights

Nowadays, there are a variety of street lights on the market to choose from, such as solar street light, streetlight, etc. Please taking into account the glare, energy saving and stability of the premise, choose a fashionable street light. We advise you choose solar streetlight or solar floodlight to install in your courtyard, because the most of solar lights in market are with very smart function, such as, auto turn on/off, smart charging control, overheat protection, motion sensor of microwave or infrared etc. It’ll be a convenience in your life and you even don’t need extra arrange how to connect electric wire with the lamps in your garden, you only need to install them in a suitable place and it’s going to work for you.

Streetlight or Street light

Application of Streetlight

Sunflower series Solar street of CPS Lighting

A application of CPS lighting solar streetlight

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6.LED Strip Lights

The use of the LED light strip is very wide, it is often used in lighting decoration. Considering that we want to use in the garden, then we must choose a high waterproof rating (IP67 or higher) light strip.

LED Strip light

LED Strip light

7.Artistic LED Lamps

This is another recommended light fixture, they can bring mystery to our yard, choose according to your preference.

Artistic LED Lights

Artistic LED Lights in garden

With careful selection and placement of patio lamps, you can create a safe and peaceful outdoor space at night. Remember, lighting isn’t just about lighting, it’s about creating an atmosphere that makes your patio a haven at night. 


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