GP-B2 Series LED High Bay Light Heatsink – SKD

  • Massive radiation fins, use 1060 aluminum material, the aluminum content of 99.6%, good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance
  • Supply for tube, E40 thread base and adjustable bracket, more kind of installation methods
  • Supply for square and round driver, more widely range for optional
  • Milk silver color high quality aluminum reflector, the appearance of simple atmosphere, Construction stable, avoid glare function
  • Widely be used in high bay lighting factories, workshop, warehouse, exhibition hall, stadium, waiting room, station

Product Parameters

Product Image Model Power Input Voltage Current Chip Mode LED Qty Way of Series-Parallel Beam Angle Download
GP-B2 120W 30V/36V 5000mA/4166mA 3030/2835 180 / 240 (pcs) 36P5S/60P4S 60°/90°/Smooth lens



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