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2020 National University Games Lighting Renovation Project, China University of Petroleum

The gymnasium project of China university of petroleum (east China) involves four stadiums, basketball and volleyball main stadiums, basketball sub-hall, badminton training hall and table tennis training hall.

During the implementation of the project, our expert team carried out detailed and complete lighting design according to the characteristics of the ring road structure inside the stadium. The project selected the model SPL01-600, SD2D-4, SD2D-5 and CP-EL01-0036 of our company respectively.

82 pieces SPL01-600 and 48 pieces SD2D-4 series lamps of our company are used in the  basketball and volleyball main stadiums to replace the original 2000W metal halide lamps.24 pieces SD2D-5 series lamps are used in the basketball sub-hall, 24 pieces SD2D-4 series lamps are used in the badminton training hall, and 88 pieces EL01-0036 series lamps are used in the table tennis training hall.

Measured on site by a third-party professional testing institution, the lighting of the volleyball venue in the main hall meets the v-class standard (TV broadcasting of major national and international competitions), and the vertical illumination is up to 1440lux; the lighting of the basketball court in the main hall meets the grade IV standard (TV broadcasting national and international games); the lighting of basketball training hall, badminton training hall and table tennis training hall meet the level II standard (amateur competition and professional training). The main stadium is in the intelligent control mode, and the project is completed in 45 working days.

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