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Appreciation of ShiJiaZhuang Mountain Body Lighting

As we all know, the mountain is usually composed of several basic parts such as the foot of the mountain, the ridge and the top of the mountain. They form a harmonious whole. Therefore, the lighting setting of each part of the mountain needs to take into account the needs of the viewing.

According to the visual focus, the brightness is graded gradually. The peak is the brightest, the mountainside and the mountain foot are gradually darkened, highlighting the mountain peaks, and constructing the mountain line with light. While creating a wonderful light and shadow effect, it does not affect the display of the landscape itself.

In the process of lighting the mountain, the customer selected 500 sets of TS500 projection lamps and 3000 SD2D module lights to configure the brightness, color tone and light projection direction of the lighting to brighten the mountain. Two different LED products, the wide and narrow beams cooperate to evenly illuminate every angle of the mountain.

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