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Lighting for Central South University Gym, CN

The basketball court of the gymnasium competition hall is designed according to the level of TV broadcast standard. It was required due to the need to use the existing structure of four mounting rails. The solution therefore comprises 96 CPS SPL01-0600 LED floodlights as well as 48 CPS SD2-3 LED floodlights with symmetrical optics to offer the optimum performance vs budget balance.

For the basketball and volleyball hall, there are comprises 36 CPS SPL01-0600 LED floodlights to ensure that the lighting meets the standards of professional training standard.

For Badminton professional competition hall, there are comprises 180 CPS SD2-3 LED floodlights.

And Swimming Venues comprises 10 CPS SPL01-0600 LED floodlights as well ad 34 CPS SD2-3 LED floodlights.

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