Sports Lighting Renovation Project of Shenyang City University

The lighting reconstruction project started the lighting scheme on March 22, 2019 with 60 days construction period, and [SPLH series stadium lights] and [TSC series stadium lights] are used in this project.

The roller rink, basketball court and tennis court adopts all four 10-meter light poles and lamps are installed on both sides. After modification, the average illumination of the roller skating rink reaches 510LUX, the basketball court reaches 600LUX, and the tennis court reaches 500LUX, in accordance with the industry standard professional training (II) level.

SPLH has multiple reflective angles. Adopting pure copper heat pipe riveted fin heat dissipation technology, it can quickly reduce the temperature of the light source and prolong the service life of the light source. Water and mist proof, avoid condensation.

The newly built professional football adopted the 72 TSC series sports lights, which was installed on  four corners and on the 15-meter light pole. Another venue lighting form a complete set of intelligent adjustable optical-intensity system, control panel and tablet operation system with cleaning, amateur training, amateur competitions, multiple level professional game modes to choose from. The average intensity of illumination is up to 550 lux, in accordance with the industry standard for professional game (Ⅲ) level.

TSC series can effectively control glare, uniform distribution of light, professional lighting multi-angle choices,IP66 and IK08, no fear of outdoor harsh environment.

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