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Product Description

High Precision Dial
The bracket is equipped with a high-precision dial for more accurate projection.
10kv Surge Protector
10KV anti-surge protection, improve safety and reliability.
Scientific light distribution
Improve the utilization of light,flexible and universal for different places.
Waterproof Respirator
Waterproof and breathable respirator, prevent the condensation of the lamp cavity.
IP65 protection level
Proffesional waterproof structure, IP65 protection level.

Product Parameters

Product Images Model Power Lumen Input Voltage CCT Ra Beam Angle Download
TS-QNX-0200-E01B 200W 16000Lm±10% 220-240VAC 5700K >70/80/90 60°
TS-QNX-0300-E01B 300W 24000Lm±10% 220-240VAC 5700K >70/80/90 60°
TS-QNX-0400-E01B 400W 32000Lm±10% 220-240VAC 5700K >70/80/90 60°
TS-QNX-0600-E01B 600W 48000Lm±10% 220-240VAC 5700K >70/80/90 30°
TS-QNX-0800-E01B 800W 64000Lm±10% 220-240VAC 5700K >70/80/90 30°
TS-QNX-1200-E01B 1200W 96000Lm±10% 220-240VAC 5700K >70/80/90 30°

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